NewImageMr. President – Vice President Biden said that recommendations from your gun task force may not have “saved any of the children’s lives in the Sandy Hook shooting.” But, if just one future life can be saved, these recommendations are “worth it.” Ok, I am onboard with that logic and would like to offer a couple of recommendations.

Here are two proven tactics, that have wide consensus in the scientific community around their effectiveness, that would directly decrease the number of childhood deaths in America, that result directly or indirectly from guns:

(1) Put a gun (handgun/rifle) in every home in America and train the occupants on how to effectively use it for self protection. Data over the last 15 years has scientifically proven that law abiding gun owners have used their weapons to save the lives of children. One recent case, which I am sure you are aware of, is where a teen mom in Oklahoma shot and killed an intruder, saving the life of her and her baby (

Since we all now agree that it is important to do something, even if it saves just one life, then surely you should be for putting a gun in every home in American, since it has been proven to save lots of lives.

(2) Nationally promote the universal recognition of firearm conceal and carry permits (which allows me to carry a concealed firearm for self protection) across all states, similar when one state recognizes the driver’s license from another state. My Pennsylvania conceal and carry permit, for example, is recognized in 29 plus other states. Constitutionally, Article 2 Section 2 states that “The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.” Well, 29 plus states seems to meet any definition of “several,” don’t you think?

But while it might be constitutional, you should also know that lawfully concealing and carrying weapons saves lives (yes, even children’s life). Studies have conclusively demonstrated that conceal and carry laws across the United States have reduced murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assaults, and property crime. In one of the many latest examples, a Milwaukee man is credited in saving two lives because of his conceal and carry (

Since we all now agree that it is important to do something, even if it saves just one one life, then surely you should support this Constitution recognition of the right to conceal and carry of American in all states when it is recognized by many states ( (Art 4, Section 2), since it has been proven to save lots of lives.

These are just two scientifically proven, statistically valid ways to save the lives of our children, when it comes to gun related violence. Most American’s would think, unless there is another unstated agenda within your gun task force, they should be immediately included in your final recommendations. I am available to walk through these ideas with you at your convenience, so you have any questions about their logic and scientific validity.

A proud patriot of the United States of America.

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