NewImageFirst Responders are people who “charged with the immediacy of action during the course of abnormal event.” For example, a burglar robbing you home or car theft trying to take your automobile. Most people think of police, fire fighters, and emergence medical technician when asked to give example of a First Responder. But are these examples truly first responders or have progressives subtly changed the definitions in such a way that now jeopardizes our lives?

The Second Amendment was rooted in a single over arching principle: Self Protection. The castle Doctrine, for example, comes from what our founding fathers talked about all the time and is all over our founding documents. That is our Natural Rights, our God given rights that apply to all of mankind. Here is a quotes to think about:

“The defense of one’s self, justly called the primary law of nature, is not, nor can it be abrogated by any regulation of municipal law. This principle of defence is not confined merely to the person; it extends to the liberty and the property of a man: it is not confined merely to his own person; it extends to the persons of all those, to whom he bears a peculiar relation — of his wife, of his parent, of his child, of his master, of his servant: nay, it extends to the person of every one, who is in danger; perhaps, to the liberty of every one, whose liberty is unjustly and forcibly attacked. It becomes humanity as well as justice.”

James Wilson, ‘Of the Natural Rights of Individuals’, 1790-1792 (Signed the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, Congressman, Delegate to the Constitutional Convention and U.S. Supreme Court Justice).

As it turns out, the founding principles of our constitutional government are predicated on You being the First Responder. Yep, that’s right. First Responders are “We the People.” Police, by design, are Second Responders. That is, they came after the event happens that deals with cleaning up the situation.

Here are some interesting facts: – Gangs in America constitute the 6th LARGEST ARMY in the world. They are better organized, better armed, and better financed than any and all threat present during the days when the Constitution was written. Think about that when somebody say, “Why do you need a magazine that holds more than 10 bullets? Or, why do you need an assault rifle?”

Of the 323 rifle related deaths in 2011 (by the way, did you know there where 1,694 deaths do to knives and 496 deaths to hands/feat/etc. during the same period), ALL occurred outside the presence of a police officer. That is, the police could not prevent any of these deaths because they where not in the immediate vicinity. Remember, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

Democrats passed “Black Codes” in the south, during the late 1860’s, that prevented blacks from owning guns, knives, or any other weapon that could defend themselves. The Black Codes are not the same as the Jim Crow laws. The Black Codes were in reaction to the abolition of slavery and the South’s defeat in the Civil War. Yes, Democrats don’t want blacks to protect themselves.

In 1871, the NRA arose from 3 union soldiers (who fought to end slavery, fought for civil rights, fought for blacks) who, in part, “wanted the blacks to be able to DEFEND THEMSELVES against the KKK.” Yep, that’s right, NRA was founded on pro-black defense. Have you ever heard that in school? Go ask your board of education why!

Here is an interesting story that dates back to the 1850’s. An armed person, after years of searching for man that he wanted to kill, finds him teaching in a New England school. The assailant proceeds into the school, where he draws his weapon, reading to kill the teacher. At the moment, the students of the class, all aged below 12 years old, drew their pistols against the assailant and protected the teachers. Source: David Barton, “Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution, and Religion”

You have a natural god given and constitutional right to defend yourself and protect those around you. Stand up, be a First Responder.

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