Another Chance for Liberal and Progressives

NewImageATTENTION LIBERALS AND PROGRESSIVES: This is your chance to REDUCE gun-related violance in America. Minister Farrakhan believes the Django Unchained is “preparation for race wars.” He goes one to says that blacks can “learn from this movie.” Really!

So, what are you going to do about it? Rahm Emanuel said, “Chik Fil A’s values are not Chicago’s values.” Mainstream democrats and progressives support this position (just Google ‘democrats chik fil a’). Farrakhan lives in Chicago and peaches from Chicage. Will Rahm, deomcrats, and progressives standup and demand that Farrakhan leave the city? If you don’t, then all you liberals/progressives support these racist and incendiary comments.

By the way, as of this posting, not ONE notable leader in the democratic progressive party has condoned Farrakhan’s position. The clock is ticking, ticking, ….


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