Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Withholds Gun Rights from Philadelphia’s Poorest Blacks.

NewImagePhilidelphia, PA (AP) – In a bold move today resembling the “Black Codes” laws of the 1860’s, Philadelphia Mayor Nutter (D) declared economic warfare on gun retailers in the Philadelphia city area. In doing so, the Mayor has personally decided that “local blacks don’t really need cost effective firearms to protect themselves,” stated city insiders close to the Mayor. Local city police should be more than enough to protect our local black population from “increasing violent crimes” and the need for “black folk to protect themselves in a cost effect way” is outdated, insider sources continued.

Inner-city blacks appear to be the first fatalities in this fight against second amendment rights of self protection. As Mayor Nutter continues to drive up the cost of personal self protection and lowers availability of local firearms, the scientific consensus indicates that inner-city blacks will be the first to suffer. According to a leading economic scientist, “The data clearly shows that as inner-city parents are given more limited and costly choices of family protection, black children will be the first to suffer.” In comparison, the more “affluent white population will continue to buy firearms since they can travel outside the city, where prices are lower and availability is still relatively high.”

American People Press (AP Press) could not reach the Mayor’s office for comment regarding substantive facts in this story.


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