NewImageAs New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed for more gun control in his own state this week, sources close to senior leadership in both the house and senate say they are concerned over key mental health provisions being proposed by Republicans. Republicans lawmakers are trying to tighten the state’s mental health laws that allow for civil confinement of people determined to be a threat to others. “Given that eight of the past nine mass shooting in the U.S. have involved mentally ill gunmen, such reforms make sense,” reportedly stated by staff close to senior Republican leadership.

In contrast to the pro-second amendment stance of the State’s Republicans, “If you’re not for reducing the number of bullets in a magazine from 10 to 7, then you must be pro-kid death,” stated several people closest to New York’s Senate Majority Leaders. When asked for proof that such a reduction would have any impact on homicides or would have saved the lives of any children in CT, the majority of democrats polled said, “call me crazy, but it doesn’t if these new laws would or would not have had an impact, we have to appear to be doing something.”

Democrats, however, appear worried that such provisions could be used to “institutionalize the key leadership of New York states political party.” Democratic lawmakers realize that their move to further restrict New York’s ban on assault weapons and limit the size of magazines to seven bullets, rather than 10, are symbolic and not substantive. Quoting a senior democratic operative, “you know what that say about insanity, it is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different outcome.” Any reasonably intelligent person with a “rational mind” would come to the conclusion that these “dems must be crazy.”

On January 8, the New York Times reported that of the 769 homicides in New York State in 2011, only five were committed with rifles of any kind, according to the State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Nationally, less than 2% of gun crimes involve assault weapons. So, in response to a mass shooting in Newtown, CT, that did not involve an assault weapon, New York lawmakers want to toughen the State’s assault weapon’s ban. Given this kind of “meaningless logic,” most of the Democratic leadership could be subject to many key mental health provisions being proposed by Republicans (civil confinement of people determined to be a threat).

Inside sources say that the Democratic leadership is looking for venues to strip the language from the bill. Given the majority status in both houses, the Democrats do not need the support of any Republicans to pass their legislative agenda. As such, many expect the democrats to strip key mental health provisions from the bill, because some believe they could be used against them given their irrational and illogical stances of gun regulatory issues.

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