NewImageWhen one in ten people conceal and carry a firearm, they significantly reduce violent crimes experienced by the other nine in ten. There is no other program (federal, state, or local) that has scientifically demonstrated such on impact, with or without government funding or control.

Network effect, also called network externality or demand-side economies of scale, is the effect that one user of a good or service has on the value of that product to other people (Network Effect, 2013). Take for example, TomTom IQ Routing, which uses realtime traffic information collected from other motorists. The network effect of having just 15% of drivers participate (share their information) is that overall traffic congestion a is reduced by 5-10% for everybody else. Everyone directly benefit from just a small number of participants.

The data now shows (Lott, 2010) the same is true for lawful conceal and carry usage. Using a computer science field of study call “Social Network Analysis,” one cal demonstrate that when 10% of an population actively conceals and carries firearms for personal self protection, not only do they statistically reduce the likelihood of a crime to themselves, but of general violent crime on the immediate community around them. This is the Second Amendment Network Effort.

NewImageThe key to realizing the benefits of reduce crime for the many, is the “active participation” by the lawful few. Active Participation is defined as the “day to day communication, usage, and positive promotion” of legal conceal and carry rights and responsibilities. This means that you must legally carry on a daily basis, talk with those around you about these rights, and educate the community.

The Second Amendment Network Effect is an amazing community benefit that saves lives. Violent crime can be reduced on all through just a small percentage of active law abiding participants. When you lawfully carry, you protecting not only yourself, but countless others that may never know.

Ref: Lott, John R. (2010). More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Contol Laws Network Effect (2013). Retrieved January 18, 2013, from Wikipedia.

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