NewImageThe Second Amendment is only as powerful as your willingness to exercise it. Owning a gun and having a conceal and carry permit (if you are fortunate to live a  shall state – check out the map) doesn’t do you any good if you don’t make practicing a part of your everyday life. I personally conduct home defense and clearing drills 2 – 3 times a months, along with close range personal protection activities in the house and car. Thomas Jefferson said everyone should  “exercise” with the gun 2 hours a day. Practice does not make perfect, but constant perfect practice does.

Because exercising with your firearm is an important activity, we have decided to bring you the best drills and tips by experts in the industry. Training and drills are key to being fast in a tense situation. The training of individual movements makes you fast and consistent, and the drills will get you familiar with your own ability (speed and accuracy). Combined this with tactics, and you will be better prepared than your opponent when it hits the fan!

Check out “How to Practice Drills with Your Handgun” to get your started with this weeks drills. Also, please make sure you post your favorite drills in the comments. We want to hear from you.

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