NewImageSenator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), progressive wing of the Democratic party, made clear that the war on women would be fought without firearms, should he have his way. Sen. Whitehouse clearly demonstrated, during Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence, a lack of understanding and passion for the plight of young women, some of whom are single moms, to defend themselves are larger armed aggressive males.

It was during Gayle Trotter vivid testimony to the Senate that Sen. Whitehouse “demonstrated the true lack of sensitivity on this issue,” many witnesses noted after the hearing. Trotter argued that a proposed ban on assault weapons would “disarm” vulnerable women and “put them at a severe disadvantage” in fights with multiple criminals. “You are not a young mother who has a young child with her and … you cannot understand. You are not a woman stuck in her house, not able to defend her children, not able to leave her child, not able to go seek safety, on the phone with 911,” Trotter continued in her statement.

To many in attendance at the hearing, the Senator’s position was “appalling” and “clearly discriminatory and chauvinistic.” Insiders close to Senator Whitehouse stated that he believes that “women have their place and armed defense is not one of them.” Second Amendment Patriots could note reach the Senator or Democratic National Committee (DNC) for a response.

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