NewImageKnowing how to effectively clear a house or building – detect and eliminate threats – is an important part of exercising your second amendment right to self protection. Image waking up late a night to the sounds of an intruder coming from the back room, somewhere near your children. You grab your firearm, flashlight, and make that initial 911 call. What the next move? How do you move purposely through the house, from your location to your child’s room, all the while ensuring the intruder doesn’t take you out or you taking your child out?

Purposefully clearing a building is one of the hardest evolutions to conduct. It takes practice, practice, but even more importantly perfect practice.  Corner, doorways, and stairwells present deadly obstacles that conceal threats and potentially over expose your position. Environmental conditions like day vs. night, bad weather, and sounds (washing machines, ventilation, etc.), can significantly impact your senses. Taken together, clearing a home is the last evolution you want to do, but sometimes not doing so is not an option.

Check out “How to Clear a Building with a Firearm” to get you started in the theory of clearing a home. Pay particular attention to the discussion on corners and doors – slicing the pie maneuver. Besides clearing stairwells, these are some of the hardest areas to successfully maneuver during a clearing operation.

After you read and re-read the article (especially the safety tips), check out an excellent video by Dave Spaulding at Ruger Firearms: Tactical Tips Part-14: Clearing Your Home.

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