NewImageProgressives are always trying to ridicule us by asking the question, “so, who do you plan on fighting with that assault weapon anyways?” This is a common Saul Alinsky tactic, one taught by Barack Obama during his days as a community organizer, specifically: RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Before I directly answer the question, I usually first ask them if they can tell me why we have the second amendment, just to constitutionally ground the discussion. In almost all cases, most answer with the, you guest it, “for hunting.” Sad, but true. Oh course, before proceeding, I take the opportunity to point out the right to self defense and protection against tyrannical government basis the second amendment was founded on.

This is where my attack starts.  The second question I ask is whether they wear a seatbelt while driving a car? Again, almost all cases respond with a resounding “yes!” I then ask whether they plan on getting into an accident? They look at me  like I have a third eye in the middle of my forehead and say, “of course not – but you can’t trust the other drivers!”  I quickly follow this response with asking whether they have ever been in a real accident; most acknowledge they have not, but say that the “roads are dangerous these days.” Interesting!

An individual’s perception of a threat is an interesting behavior to observe. A threat to one person can be a nuisance to another. Most people acknowledge the threat automobiles have on our lives, mostly because we have seen it with our own eyes. But how many times have you seen a real act of criminal violence – a gun shooting, a rape, a gang attack? Not one of those Hollywood special effects scenes in the movies, but a real up close and personal one. You know, the kind where blood splatters right in your face and you can taste wet remains of iron in your mouth.

Not many have. As it turns out most people that don’t believe in conceal and carry rights have never been personally involved in a violent attack. Yes, there are exemptions to the this rule; but they are that, exceptions and not the rule.

To change human behavior, you need to personalize the activity (another Saul Alinsky special rule). To help those around us understand why we believe what we do, I have compiled the following graphics of violent illegal activities for 2012 across the U.S. These represent only the worst of the worst assassination, terrorism, narco, drug, and gang related activities. Take a look (clicking on the map will take you to the web site).

2012: Moderate to Significant Assassination/Assassination Attempts,
Terrorist Arrests/Captured/Killed Locations, NarcoTerrorism/ Drug Cartel Violence


 2012: Moderate to Significant Gang Related Activity


Personally, I am less worried about those other drivers than I am about falling victim to just one of these violent acts. Yes, bad drivers exist, but their threat mostly exist while I am on the road in a moving vehicle. The kind of threat agents conduct the acts above exist everywhere – on and off the road, in and out of the city, near and far from the mall. Everywhere.

Our founding fathers enables us to be the First Responders.  Our constitution give us the right to protect ourself. Just like when we practice our defensive driving to protect ourself from bad drivers, start practices Defensive Conceal and Carry to protect yourself, and other around you, from the threats that will unfortunately continue to exist in the minutes, days, months, and years to come.

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