NewImagePresident Obama has given a clear answer for those that asked the question, “why are you worried about the government anyways?” Not only can the President murder Americans abroad, but he does NOT have to justify to the American people why he should/could do so (according to the court ruling).¬†Judge Andrew P. Napolitano summarizes up the findings quite clearing in his recent article, one that should be read at least twice.

No time – repeat – no time in American history has the President given himself the secretive privilege to kill American citizens. For now, Obama says he will only do so if it is NOT ON AMERICAN SOIL. Ok, how long will that rule last?

Now before you go off with the “you’re crazy to think that any President would ever order a drone strike on Americans in the continental USA” argument, we all use to say the same thing about killing Americans abroad. Let alone killing them without any formal do process.

Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL for killing the bad guys (terrorists and enemy combatants). But Americans have certain rights to do process that comes with just being an American, regardless of where you are or even who the President is. Today, some of those rights are gone and this President won’t tell us why.

So, why do I believe in the second amendment? See Appendix A – Obama.

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