NewImage“Dry firing” or “dry practice” consists of practicing firearms manipulations without the presence of any live ammunition. This is an important part of maintaining firearm proficiency, especially if you think of it as a type of “firearm simulation.”  Tom Givens writes an excellent article about conceal and carry dry practice techniques that can be performed at home, the office, or even the car.

There are several advantages to dry practice drills:

1.  More practice for the time spent. The rising cost of ammunition and the time burden of traveling, both to and from a live fire range, often limits the amount of practice we can get.

2. Dry work is actually a better way to ingrain many skills.

3. You can perform more type of tactical routing using dry fire than you can at most ranges.

With these kinds of advantages, performing dry fire drills should become a part of your weekly activity. Check out Tom Givens’ article to see for yourself.


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