NewImageLicensed conceal and carry holders demonstrated a viable solution to the devastating violent crime spree plaguing Detroit – Legally Arm The Citizens and Shoot the Perpetrators. Twice this week robbers in Detroit were shot by lawful concealed carry holders who refused to be victims. Absent their ability to protect themselves and the people around them, five more innocent people would have been added to Detroit’s crime statistics.

On Thursday night in downtown Detroit, two teens approached two utility workers with the intent to rob, according to local police. One of the utility workers was legally licensed to carry a concealed pistol. He shot both teens in self defense, injuring them– one critically  and the other seriously.

In a separate incidence of self protection a week ago, a Detroit high school basketball coach was walking two female players to their cars after practice when they were approached by two teen boys. The teenagers “announced a holdup” and grabbed the coach by his chain necklace and stuck something in his chest, local eyewitnesses report.   He was also legally carrying a gun and shot both of them. One died and the other was seriously injured.

When Detroit law enforcement was asked if they support this kind of self defense, authorities said, “they would not encourage this and may not approve it.” While Mayor Dave Bing’s office could not be reached for comment, it is widely known he has been a staunch supporting of restricting gun rights of lawful citizens, even in the case of self protection. Self protection is “not an option for Detroit’s citizens, stated sources close to Mayor Bing, even if these same people die because they can not “lawfully protect themselves.”


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