NewImageIn a Philadelphia speech, VP Biden said yesterday that the Progressive Democrats have no intention of taking away our guns, just instituting “common sense gun controls” that we “all agree with.” As such, anybody not agreeing with the left is an extremist that is “outside mainstream.” By now, we can all see this as a classic tactic of Saul Alinky – specifically RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.┬áBut there is something more insidious going on with his argument, beyond the classic application of rules for radicals.

The progressives realize that they would be in for a real war (rebellion) if they actually came to your home and tried to take away your guns, a constitutionally protected right. Instead, the are incrementally taking your rights away, a strategy that often works. Take for example the “common sense” control of banning magazine clips holding more than 30 rounds. Progressives say that are not taking your ammo away, you can still buy three 10 round clips. So what happens when another incident occurs with a person, acting illegally, uses three 10 round clips to shoot somebody else? What will be their next argument?

NewImageMost likely they will say that we need to limit the number of magazines lawfully owned to 1 and reduce the capacity to 7 rounds. This means the lawful gun owner went from being able to execute their second amendment rights with 30 rounds to now only having 7. A 77% reduction in effective use. In essence, what progressives, like Obama/Biden, could not do through confiscation, they will do through their “common sense” controls – take away your “effective” participation in the second amendment.

Our rules in dealing with Progressives should be simple – FIGHT. They are all about control and centralization. Period. Whether it is controlling your right to participate in second amendment activities or centralizing the power over what kind of firearms you should be allowed to have, progressives what to control you life. It is not about the children, it is not about the environment, it is not about fairness. It is about controlling you and me, and the only way to stop it is to stand against it.

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