Glock Surgeon GeneralsDavid Frum is the latest example of why we must fight everyday. He, and by extension CNN, is calling for Obama to bypass Congress and have the Surgeon General investigate the dangers of gun ownership and to have the Senate convene tobacco industry-style hearings (circa 1990s) on gun manufacturers.

The progressive left has decided that there are no bounds in their approach to fighting for gun control – distorton, fabrication, and lying are their three strategic pillars for fundamental transformation. They are relentless and have the mainstream media on their side (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and NPR).

Make no illusion about it, the day, no, the second we stop our fight is the moment we loose the second amendment battle. The progessive left is more than happy with having a second amendment in name only, as long as we effectively have no right to self protection.

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