NewImageIn a recent rant by Hollywood actor and political activist Danny Glover, he said that Martin Luther King, Jr., “he would be out there advocating for the end of guns as a prelude to the end of violence as well.” This was all part of a larger speech where he advocated abolishing all guns. Specifically,

I don’t own a gun and definitely not only Gun Control, we should abolish guns, the personal guns. That’s how far I’m willing to go.”

It is sad when people speak first, only to find out that history wasn’t necessarily on their side. Martin Luther King, Jr., known for peaceful resistance, at the same time recognized the importance of gun ownership for self-defense. King understood the risks involved in being an outspoken civil rights leader, living in Jim Crow era Alabama, and took measures to protect himself, his family and others around him.

King was a gun owner. In fact, he had a few guns–one visitor to the King family home described King’s supply of weapons as an “armory.” Additionally, William Worthy, a journalist who covered the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, reported that he almost sat on a loaded gun while visiting King’s parsonage (not a practice we support here at Second Amendment Patriots).

King had also applied for a concealed carry permit, but was turned down. According to John M. Snyder:

At one time, King applied for a permit to carry a concealed handgun, but was denied. He was concerned for his personal safety, just as are a lot of law-abiding American citizens. “

Even though King’s house had just been bombed, his application for the concealed carry permit was still rejected (sad). Few people in the US needed a permit to carry more than Reverend King did in 1956, but since the local police had some discretion in their decision making, King, who no doubt met the requirements of the law, was rejected nonetheless. This was the norm when the applicant was black.

The subject of blacks and guns have been a subject of great debate over the years. For example, Civil Rights Act of 1866 gave black the right to bear arms, but local law were written to prevent blacks from purchasing them (sound familiar). The short documentary “No guns for negroes” documents for the 400 years of gun control injustice waged against blacks. It makes the firm argument that the basic right of everybody is self defense. Take away that right and you enslave the people. Both Marin Luther King and Thomas Jefferson new this. 


So, Mr. Glover should do a bit more reading before pretending that he knows what someone would do, if they were alive today. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a firm supporter of the constitution, including the right to bear arms.If anyone would be true supporter, based the need to protect themselves from the suppression of other, it was truly Dr. King. The fastest way to enslave a nation, is to disarm them.

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