NewImageI learned a long time ago the best way to convince others to do something, is to lead by example. Today, I conceal and carry where ever legally possible. I talk about the second amendment with others openly and honestly, especially when it comes to our founding fathers desires to prevent emergency of another tyrannical government. However, while many support the second amendment, they are not necessary as active as they could be. So, how does one go about convincing others, like your significant other, to legally carry for themselves?

Colleen, from Keeping the Peace, took the time to put her thoughts to video. This short 12 minutes discussion highlights 7 ways to bring along special somebody who is still a bit reluctant to carry on a daily basis.

Some of the suggestions they make in this video are:

1. Be patient and present good information about real life scenerios where people used handguns in self defense.

2. Read good books such as: “Lessons from Armed America: by Mark Walters & Kathy Jackson “Guns Save Lives: True Stories of Americans Defending Their Lives with Firearms” by Robert Waters “Outgunned! True Stories of Citizens Who Stood Up to Outlaws and Won” by Robert Waters “The Best Defense: True Stories of Intended Victims Who Defended Themselves with a Firearm” by Robert Waters “The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry” by Kathy Jackson

3. Be prepared to invest in her. She’ll need the ability to seek training, choose her own handgun, ammo, holster, etc. She’ll also need a new wardrobe as she begins to purchase clothing with concealment in mind.

NewImage4. Spend time with people who carry concealed as a lifestyle. Show her that it is possible, can be discreet, and even normal.

5. Don’t nag. And certainly don’t be pressuring her to ccw if you don’t do it faithfully yourself. Set a good example. Don’t treat her like she’s sub-par if she hasn’t made the decision to carry on her body yet. Give her time.

6. Keep in mind that You will never convince her. She has to be convinced in her own mind. Just present the information, let her grapple with it and come to terms with all the variables involved.

7. Be sensitive to the fact that women are conscious of their bodies in a very different way than men. Men think they look better when they’re “filled out”. Women don’t. Women aren’t necessarily excited about adding inches to their waistline in the name of personal defense. It may take time for them to accept that their personal safety is more important than having a waistline. Let’s face it, once you strap on a gun, holster, gun belt, extra mags, and mag pouch, there’s no waistline left…it’s all filled in. Personally I felt like a barge when I first started concealing and I didn’t like it. It took time for me to stop being self-conscious about that.

These are all very insightful, especially for a husband. I am sure Colleen does not believe these are the only seven items of importance, so please list out a few of our tips in the comments section for others to learn from as well.

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