NewImage[FOLLOW-UP NOTE [From Colorado Legislator on Guns blog]: Any woman issued a restraining order against another person, who has a history of violent behavior, should demand a conceal and carry permit from the court on the spot, no matter what state they reside.  The police, as we know, are not here to protect us (see the Supreme Court Ruling on the blog). They do not stand guard outside our doors. They do not ride with us in our cars. They are not beside us at work. When seconds count in that initial struggle between a woman and the lawfully restrained subject, the police are are often minutes away. Incapable of provide immediate support to this potentially life threatening situation. As such, it is a woman’s natural right to protect herself.

NewImageThe courts should recognize this situation and actively seek to mitigate the threat. A smart and safe way would be to issue conceal and carry permits to people who are subject to potential violence from the person being restrained. This should supersede any state limitations on gun control (e.g., CA, NY, NJ, etc.) and be issued immediately upon the court issuance of the restraining order.

Such a law would have two immediate effects. The woman would be placed in a position where she could protect herself immediately against future potential violent acts. But most importantly, the chances of needing to use a firearm to protect herself would be substantially reduced since the person being restrained would know the woman could be carrying protection. A win win situation.

This common sense law should be implemented in every state of the union, supported by every organization that portends to support a reduction in violence against women.

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