NewImageFirearm manufactures are increasing refusing to do new business with local, state, and federal law enforcement agency in non-second amendment states. The second amendment was created by our founding fathers to secure the ability of the citizens of the United States of America to protect themselves, both from an oppressive tyrannical government and the unlawful activities of others. Some states and the federal government see it differently, incrementally taking more and more constitutionally-gauranteed rights away from citizens – what some have called “Death by Gun Control.” Capitalism has take notice. 

Firearms manufactures are banning together to form a uniform front in this battle to protect the constitution. Over 67 companies are now refusing to do new law enforcement business within any state that does fully recognize the second amendment. While they all agree to honor their current sales and support contracts, they are not accepting any new request. Capitalism to the rescue.


As of February 24, 2013, here is the current list of gun manufacturers and retailers who are taking a stand and refusing to do business with state agencies in places where citizens are denied their full Second Amendment rights:

  1. LaRue Tactical  
  2. Olympic Arms 
  3. Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC 
  4. Templar Custom 
  5. York Arms 2-13-13
  6. Cheaper Than Dirt
  7. Bullwater Enterprises
  8. West Fork Armory
  9. Smith Enterprise
  10. Alex Arms
  11. Spike’s Tactical
  12. Quality Arms Idaho
  13. Liberty Suppressors 
  14. Doublestar Corp  (Includes J&T Distributing & Ace LTD)
  15. American Spirit Arms
  16. Trident Armory
  17. Head Down Products 
  18. J&G Sales
  19. Barrett Firearms
  20. Exile Machine
  21. Tier One Arms
  22. Bravo Company USA
  23. Primary Weapons Systems 
  24. Crusader Weaponry
  25. Top Gun Supply
  26. Kiss Tactical
  27. Clark Fork Tactical
  28. OFA Tactical
  29. One Source Tactical 
  30. Templar Tactical Arms 
  31. NEMO Arms 
  32. Old Grouch’s Military Surplus
  33. Big Horn Armory
  34. Midway USA
  35. CMMG Inc
  36. Rocky Top Tactical 
  37. Badger Peak
  38. Controlled Chaos Arms
  39. SRT Arms
  40. Norton Firearms
  41. Umlaut Industries
  42. Predator Intelligence
  43. Citizen Arms
  44. Evolution Weaponry
  45. Chaos Arms
  46. Warbirds Custom Guns 
  47. JBTAC
  48. Stoner Arms
  49. Ammoclip
  50. 3 Rivers Precision 
  51. 2A Firearms
  52. Lanco Tactical
  53. Predator Tactical
  54. Arrowhead Shooting Sports 
  55. Boise Tactical 
  56. Huntertown Arms
  57. Lauer Custom Weaponry
  58. 556 Tactical
  59. Iron Goat Guns
  60. Dead Bang Guns
  61. Southern Appalachian Arms 
  62. Thunder Beast Arms 
  63. Delmarva Shooting Supply
  64. OJ’s Gun Shop 
  65. OCS Guns
  66. Semper Fi Arms
  67. Climags

We encourage you to take the time to thank those companies supporting this ban (click on links and Like, sent email, etc.).


  1. WTF, Why haven’t EVERY weapon mfgr’s, distributors and dealers REFUSED to supply the enemy?? Now get on board and pledge to withhold all weapons sales to these trolls. We will remember who supports the trolls and you know payback is hell.

    • Jim – Good question. Now that boycott is more public and larger, I expect more and more manufactures to join. The real question will become, “what will law enforcement do?” AKA The government enacting the “Fair Share Law” in Atlas Shrugged, which is based on the belief that everybody has the right ones labor and/or product.

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