NewImageLocal city officials across the nation are trying to pass ordinances that would give police the power to “disarm individuals” during a “disaster.” Case in point is that of Guntersville (Ala.) Mayor Leigh Dollar who is pushing for a new rule would allow authorities to confiscate guns of “unruly” people during extreme weather events, such as the April 2011 tornadoes or any other emergency.  Mayor Dollar says the proposal is “just a way to give officers more authority to protect themselves.” Who are the police protecting themselves from? If the police need protection, then why don’t we have the right to protect ourselves from those people as well?

In this cace, Mayor Dollar denied that the ordinance would be used to “take away constitutional rights,” but local residents questioned why authorities would need to pass a new ordinance given that police already have the power to arrest citizens who are being “unruly,” whether armed or not. The residence of this town seem to be smart enough to know a con-job.


But this isn’t the first time authorities in recent history went door to door to confiscate our guns. In the aftermath of Katrina, the New Orleans Police, National Guard troops, and U.S. Marshals confiscated firearms from law abiding citizens. “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns,” New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass declared. The National Guard conducted warrantless house-to-house searches, targeting not just Hurricane-hit areas under the pretext of stopping violent looters, but also homes that were not even affected by the storm. Now, authorities across the nation are attempting to mirror these unconstitutional gun grab powers that were somehow enacted in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

ACTION: You need to call your Mayor’s office to see if they are considering implementing these same types of unconstitutional gun confiscation ordinance. Do not leave this to chance. A five minute call will put your town on notice that they shouldn’t mess with the second amendment. Sometimes the cost of doing nothing is just to high.

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