NewImageFormer Secret Service agent Dan Boingino sits down with Tucker Calson on Fox & Friends to discuss why Obama is actually trying to control people, not guns.  Boingino says, “…they manipulate in emotional crisis to further an ideological agenda which involves the evaporation – slow disintegration of your civil rights.” This ex-secret service agent see the Obama tactics as “a disturbing pattern.”

One interesting statistic Agent Boingino cites is that during his 17 years in law enforcement he “never arrested anyone who did a gun crime that had the gun legally.” This brings into question the bigger picture about the true purpose of disarming law-abiding citizens – it’s about people control. But there is more.

They also talk about the disturbing trend by the Obama Veterans Administration to disarm returning veterans. Vets around the country are receiving letters from the federal government informing them that because of alleged physical or mental disability their financial decisions will be made by a government-appointed “fiduciary” and they will be forbidden from “purchasing, possessing, receiving or transporting a firearm or ammunition.” Data now shows that the Obama administration has followed a policy of targeting vets, taking away their guns, imprisoning them, and labeling them as “right wing extremists” and potential threats to national security.


  1. Based on the suicide rates of combat veterans, taking away their guns if they have a mental disability doesn’t sound like such a bad idea–especially when their access to decent mental health services is so poor.

    In my opinion, people control is the only way to go. I don’t really care what kinds of guns people own, but I do care what kind of people own guns.

    • J. Palmer, you say that vets don’t have decent mental health services, (nor do they have any better health care than they do mental). So who do you think decides their mental status? And by what means do they decide who is or isn’t fit? Do you really trust the government to be honest and take care of someone who will later challenge them for their crimes against America? What do you think the fema camps are set up for? How about the fact we are fast becoming a police state? What about God taken from us and muslims take over? What about can be asked all day, so even tho your theory sounds good, if you look deeper it’s more than just about a few men and women. It’s another step to taking what remains of our rights. And what about showing some respect to the vet by our government? If you remember when Whitney Houston died all flags where ordered half mast to honor her( who died a drunk that overdosed (again) on drugs) and when one of our heros died about the same time didn’t even get a mention. So where do you think obama’s agenda is really about? Look at the big picture. Blessings and Peace to you.

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