WARNING: This article is a bit obscure, but hanging in there until the end. I hope I pull it all together!

There has been a lot of talk lately about Democide – the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder. Political scientist R. J. Rummel created this term as an extended concept to includes forms of government murder that is not covered by the term genocide. According to some, between 200 and 260 million people were the victims of democide in the 20th century, several times more than were killed in international wars during that period. As sad as those statistics are, the real interesting fact is the spike in number of people looking for this term.

The graph below depicts the daily number of internet searchers looking up the term Tyranny (red – top, starting at left), 2nd Amendment (gold – middle starting at left), and  Democide (blue – very bottom starting at left). Over the last 5 years, most search activities for Tyranny and 2nd Amendment have tended to be around the same time at the presidential inauguration, with no other apparent pattern. Not surprising, but fun to know. But look at Democide. Flat lined until this last inauguration, then number of people looking for all thing democide spiked. Why this change?





Over the last month there has been more that a 500% increase in internet interest in most things associated with democide (e.g., operation gladio, democide statistics, R. J. Rummel, etc.), with the same increase for 2nd Amendment. There seems to be a strong correlation between Democide and 2nd Amendment research interests (separate analysis). One could conclude that many may look to the second amendment as a retort to government sanctioned murders, but this is speculation at this time.

One of the more interesting associations in this area was with this recent public service announcement (PSA) produced by Front Sight Movies. They define democide, discuss relevant statistics, and then talk about gun control and the second amendment. Interesting.

What do you think? Is this an anomaly, interesting coincidence, or the emergence of a new trend. Share your thoughts.

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