Democrats now promote that rape is an acceptable consequence of gun control. It has become apparent to even the most casual observer that the Democrat’s war on gun ownership has no bounds, even when it comes to protecting women. It’s what some have called an “appalling display of insensitivity,” Senator Hudak (Democrat, CO), clearly demonstrates that the rape of a woman is acceptable, if it means limiting a woman’s accessibility to guns.

During last week’s Colorado testimony by Amanda Collins, she testified that she could have stop her rape IF she just had a firearm to protect herself.  Consequently, if she had done so, then two other rapes by the same person would also have been prevented and a persons life would have been saved. As it turns out, Collins’ rapist went on to kill a person in the conduct another crime. If Collins would have had a gun, she could have changed the course of history for herself and several others.

Rape is a violent act between two or more people that can be prevented, under the right circumstances. Possession of a gun give a woman a fighting chance to defend herself, when all other deterrents have failed. Equally important is that active conceal and carry changes the environment in which rapists operate. Studies have shown that predators dramatically change their behavior just knowing that somebody might be carrying a gun – this is a type of Network Effect. Guns, through conceal and carry, should be an active ingredient in the prevention of future rapes.

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