DRILLS & TIP: AMMO SEEK Your Way To Great Deals


Not only are we all looking for great deals on ammunition, but also deals that are available. It’s great to be constitutionally protected to bear arms, but it can be troubling if we can’t find enough ammunition at an affordable price to shoot. So it is AmmoSeek to the rescue. 

Started in 2009, AmmoSeek is a free ammunition search engine that helps gun owners find IN STOCK ammo at the best prices available online. The idea for AmmoSeek was born out of necessity, when in 2009 there was enormous demand,very short supply, and high costs for ammunition. We all know it took hours of searching then, and now, through various online retailers to find available ammunition at a reasonable price. 

Take, for example, the standard 5.56×45 ammo search for those who have AR-15s. In Google, a traditional search would look something like this:

















Clicking on the first few links that lead to ammo companies often yields images like:










These kind of hit and miss searches are not only frustrating, but there is little chance of finding low prices or comparing ammo prices across dealers. This is why I usually start with AmmoSeek first as a means to narrow my search across multiple suppliers. For example, in AmmoSeek, here is the same 5.56×45 ammo search:












The results details out not only the manufacture and ammo specifications, but are ranked in order of least to most expensive (price/round). But most important is when you actually click on the vender of your choice, you get  “IN STOCK” listing, something like this:














As with all technologies, Ammo Seek is not perfect. However, it is a great way to start the search and compare options across a lot of different venders. Check it out, give it a try, and let us know if it helps.


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  1. Just wanted to say THANKS for the kind words. We’re constantly working to improve AmmoSeek every day. We have a lot of cool new features coming, such as reloading supplies, magazines, and the ability for users to receive alerts via email or SMS when something becomes available or reaches a specified price threshold. Stay tuned!

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