The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) — a non-military organization tasked with protecting Americans from terrorist attacks — has been on a buying binge. Included in this shopping spree was the purchase of 2,700 armored vehicles meant to patrol American streets. So, who is DHS preparing to fight?


In February, the public has learned that DHS spent $2,000,000 buying “no hestitation” targets depicting old folks, pregnant women, and small children holding guns.  The purpose behind this type of target it is to train law enforcement officials to “overcome their instinctive reluctance to fire on those soft targets.”  It appears that the “no hesitation” targets the DHS purchased depict people who look just like you and me. So, who is DHS preparing to shoot?


In the past few months, the public has learned that DHS has purchased 2 billion bullets (enough to fight the War in Iraq for 25 years) and 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles (which the DHS charmingly calls “personal defense weapons”).  As myriad posts around the blogosphere revealed, the public is starting to believe that the Obama administration was stocking up in case of civil unrest on America’s streets. So, who is DHS preparing to kill?

The real question now before us is why DHS is stocking up and who are they stocking up against?  Either they are incompetent by severely over purchasing their needs (for a small group of terrorist) or they are preparing to engage a multi-million person insurgency in the United States. Perhaps DHS has perfectly good reason to buy enough weapons to fight multiple wars, as well as massive armored vehicles that can withstand major battle conditions.  But until it reveals to Americans the decisions driving these purchases, all that we can do is guess and continue to exercise our second amendment rights.



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