As the war on guns continues to be fought across the United States, a new front begins to materialized for the Second Amendment Federation: Economics. As reported by Second Amendment Patriots, firearms and ammunition manufactures have already engaged law enforcement organizations in states that suppress second amendment rights. Today, we now see that front solidify economically with the realization that Colorado’s new anti-american gun laws could cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars.

As Colorado now considers placing even more gun control limitations on law abiding citizens, the owner of Colorado’s largest producer of ammunition magazines, Erie-based Magpul, already has plans to leave the state now that the magazine bill has become law. Magpul officials have said the move will cost hundreds of jobs and upward of $85 million in potential spending this year. “Our moving efforts are underway. It’s going to be a phased approach, and until the move is complete, we’re going to continue manufacturing magazines in Colorado,” said Doug Smith, Magpul’s Chief Operating Officer. “Within the next 30 days, we will manufacture our first magazine outside the state of Colorado.”


In addition to manufacturing, there is the prospect of hunters launching a boycott against Colorado. The Grand Junction Sentinel reported back in December 2011 that, “Studies have shown the economic impact of fishing, hunting and wildlife-watching activities to Colorado is $3 billion annually, supporting 33,800 full-time jobs in the state.” A report called “Hunting in America: An Economic Force for Conservation,” noted that, “In Colorado alone, hunting added $762,750,827 to the state’s economy and supported 8,355 jobs.”

On a federal level, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service earlier this week issued its annual report in the distribution of excise tax revenues from the Pittman-Robertson federal aid to Wildlife Restoration program. This year, Colorado’s share comes to $13,164,031, and a lot of that money is due to license sales to non-resident hunters who might, like Gresham already has, take their money elsewhere. Translated: A Colorado hunting boycott alone could cripple the state financially.

The economic front on the war on guns is being to materialize. Through money, the Second Amendment Federation has a powerful venue to both stop future regulations as well as begin the process of repealing those put in place. But these efforts won’t be successful without our direct help. So, make sure that you send emails of encouragement, as well as support the boycotts being planned. It is not enough to stop the Progressive Left and Democrats, we need to begin to financially cripple their ability to continue this war on our second amendment rights ever again.

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