The Democrats and Progressive Left are testing the resiliency of a new front on their war on the second amendment – treat gunshot wounds like a disease. This novel idea is being thrust onto the anti-gun battle field by  Dr. Sampson Davis and is documented in his book “Living and Dying in Brick City.”

This novel attempt to progressively regulate guns and undermine the second amendment will come through Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) policies, created as a result of Obama’s Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare). In this approach, the CDC believes that gun violence translates to huge health care costs for federal and state governments, which gives them legal standing. On average, treatment for a victim of an inflicted gunshot wound costs about $322,000, Davis said in a recent PBS interview. If as many as 35 wounded patients are admitted into an E.R. in one night, “you’re looking at millions and millions and millions of dollars spent, by tax-payers, in order to take care of them,” Davis said.


As the CDC picks up their investigatory pace on this approach, one of their recent studies estimated that nationwide, gun-related court proceedings, insurance costs and hospitalizations cost taxpayers $12 billion each year. The Centers for Disease Control reported in 2010 that the medical and work loss costs from firearms death and injury totaled more than $68 billion. Based on the percentage of deaths out of the total number of annual gunshots, the CDC Pandemic Severity Index rates “Gunshot Disease” as a Category 4 (5 being the worst – Spanish Flu). Future studies in this area are being planned as the result of a Presidential Memorandum, January 2013, directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.

Anonymous sources close to the Obama administration said, “the urgency of this new ‘disease’ allow us to generate containment and treatment policies that do not need congressional approval.” Just like any other disease, homicides usually have a source, a mode of transmission, and a susceptible population. For gunshot wounds, many believe the CDC is considering naming “guns” as the source and “bullets” as the mode of transmission. Under ObamaCare, “the CDC has a broad range of actionable emergency authority,”  the source continued. If gunshots are formally declared a disease, then the CDC has the power to manage it through a broad range of creative initiatives – from new taxes (medical tax on gun and ammo sales) to restricting gun usage in geolocations with “high infection” rates. There is no limit to such emergency powers.


    • The progressives believes that the ends justify the means, which is a common tyrannical trait. They will use any tactic to achieve their goals – any tactic, this gunshot disease policy being contemplated by the Obama’s CDC is a case in point.

  1. This is hilarious. Lets then tax the penis as the mode of transmission for pregnancy. Then we could truly hurry on this depopulation agenda. Oh wait, then there wouldn’t be taxpayers.

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