Senator Mike Lee recently wrote a great article, “Second Amendment: History’s lesson and warning,” on the second amendment, from the perspective of the overall constitution. Senator Lee makes the point that  “Gun control isn’t about guns — it’s about control. And the right to bear arms isn’t about the arms — it’s about the right.”  A position familiar to most of us.

The Senator, however, goes on to makes an even more profound point about universal background checks, one I should have thought of myself. The only way to make a universal background-check system come close to working is to create a national database capturing ownership information of every single gun in the country. We know this, it is not new.

To track all the gun sales, the Senator note, “you first have to track all the guns. Otherwise it won’t work.” And this is the crux of the problem, as pointed out by the Senator. The federal government has “no right to surveil innocent citizens exercising their constitutional rights.” The federal government has no business monitoring “where and how often you go to church, what books and newspapers you read, who you vote for, your health conditions and the details of your private life.”

Our constitution is a limiting framework on the federal government, specifically designed to make it HARD to track and monitor its citizens. As the Senator points out, “the Constitution was not written to maximize the convenience of the government. It was written to protect the liberty of the people.”

In addition to opposing universal background checks for the six reasons stated in a previous post, we should also oppose it because it violate our constitutional right to due process. Our Bill of Rights clearly states we have a right to due process and protects us against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure. We don’t have federal databases, for example, tracking how law-abiding citizens choose to exercise (or not exercise) their God-given rights. Do we? No! Again, thank the Bill of Rights.

Our federal government is clearly out of control and no-long is bound by either the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. If they where, these kinds of non-sensical programs (national registry) would be dismissed out of hand. We should oppose any attempt by Congress to restrict Americans’ constitutional rights and equally oppose any attempt to allow government surveillance of law-abiding citizens exercising those rights.


  1. The govt can do or say whatever the hell they want. It doesnt matter to me. I will never surrender my firearms to anyone for any reason. The right to protect myself and my family is God given and no one is going to deprive me of that right.

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