No gay need apply

WARNING: This is another one of those analyses that is hard to write up because it has the potential to offend people. Nevertheless, the analysis stands.

While the Democrats continue their war on guns and the second amendment, the progressive movement has opened up another front – this time in the Gay Community. The “Universal Background Check” bill (AKA Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013 – S. 374), being pushed exclusively by Democrats, adds the threat of being made a felon for simply leaving your same sex partner in charge of your guns. The Democratic bill requires background checks and documentation for ALL “transfers” of firearms, not merely sales. The bill defines “transfers” expansively to include ANY situation in which a firearm might be out of the owner’s control, even for a second.

The proposed bill specifically addresses the issue of transfers between those living within the same home where the two parties are not spouses, parents and their children, siblings, or grandparents and grandchildren. Now here is where is gets complicated, because of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), the federal government does not recognize same-sex marriages, even if the couple live in a state which has recognized their right to marry. Therefore, they cannot avail themselves of the exception for spouses and will be in violation of federal law. While Senator Charles Schumer refuses to comment on these apparent flaw, sources believe she has no intent to change the bill at this stage.

Under the democrat’s bill, gay couples could no longer jointly own a firearm. So, if the legal owner of the firearm  (one of the partners) left town, say on a business trip, that lasts more than 10 days then both partners would be felons. If during that trip the stay at home partner (the one remaining in town) decided to go to the shooting range, they would both be felons.

The gay community is not the only ones the Democrats want to turn into felonies. The “intended” consequences of this fatally flawed bill are endless. Sources close to Senator Charles Schumer say, “all we need is one or two high profile felony cases in order to scare people into submission.” While endless groups of communities will be impacted, here are a few the democrats are explicitly targeting:

  • Soldiers deploying overseas who leaves their guns with a friends
  • Loaning firearms to a friends to go to the range
  • Loaning firearms to friends for hunting
  • Allowing friends to shoot guns on land other than their own

Since the democrats knowingly are promoting this flawed bill, this means the progress left is willing to not only throw the gay community under the proverbial “who cares” bus, but thrown in jail as well. As with the case of the 1860 anti-Irish sentiment, for gay couples wanting to protect themselves through gun ownership, according to the democrats – Gays Need Not Apply.

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