Moms Demand Real Action – Print Ad (UPDATED 2013-4-19)

Moms Demand Real Action: Because our children need to learn to protect themselves.

This is what the recent “Moms Demand Action” ad should have looked like, if they were being honest with the American people.

Moms Demand Action Counter Ad boys

Moms Demand Action Counter Ad


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3 replies

  1. Untill we put God back in school, this country will continue to rot.

  2. Parents are responsible for teaching their children, not government. If the DOE never came into existence, things would be alot different, probably more in our favor (the citizens in America who actually are patriots, want things to be more like they’re intended to be) with our kids. We’d have generations of people today, alive, who would be in government who would make sure liberty was protected and not violated. DOE is just one big bureaucratic arm of the government and it’s made ever-lasting damages on us all, not just the kids.

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