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Kurt Hofmann wrote a great article this week called “‘Gun control,’ and the lessons of Boston,” which covers three lessons learned from the Boston Bombings.

1. Gun prohibitionists will not limit themselves to exploiting shooting victims for their forcible citizen disarmament agenda.

2. Homemade bombs are the weapons of choice for terrorists, not guns.

3. One or two men can so thoroughly shake the security apparatus of the United States.

While all of these observations are relevant and accurate, Hofmann misses the most obvious lesson we could have learned – The Progressive Left is the most valuable resource terrorists can have. Why? The progressive left wants to disarm america (see Feinstein, Obama) in order to make people more reliant on the federal government. This is part of a multiple prong approach to incremental socialism supported by Obama. As more people depend on the feds for housing, food, healthcare, and protection, the likelihood of a progressive left-based Democratic party ruled government increases. Simple.

So, as the left pushes their “Disarm America 2016” agenda, there emerges an unholily alliance between islamic terrorists and the progressive left. What the left doesn’t know, however, is when the terrorist are done with patriotic americans, they will then go after the left as well.

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