ABarack obama truth over fead 01ccording to an April 11-14 National Post-ABC Poll (both known for their anti-gun agendas), for the first time in recent memory a majority of American believe that guns make homes a safer place to live. No doubt the recent bombing events in Boston, where terrorists then engaged in running gun battles with police in the middle of a residential neighborhood, had something to do with that outcome. So on the surface, this bodes well for those battling against progressive liberals trying to take down the second amendment. Unfortunately, a deeper look into the data show a darker underside to this story.

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The data shows that there is a strong divergence between home security perceptions by Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats. While over 74% of conservative republicans feel homes are made safer by guns, only 26% of liberal democrats share this point of view. It is in this difference that the catalysts of anti-second amendment factions can be found.

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Most liberal democrats, 52%, believe that guns make a home more dangerous. While studies have shown just the opposite, no amount of education will ever change their opinion. Their anti-gun cult is the modern equivalent to the Flat Earth Society. But given that liberals are more active in politics (activists) than conservatives, this means that anti-second amendment forces have more momentum on their side. This makes defending the second amendment a much harder proposition.

The bottom line to this small but significant insight is that we must keep up the fight, no matter how apparent and imminent our victory appears to be. We have to be successful at defending the Second Amendment all the time, but the progressive left only needs one victory to take away our rights.


  1. In the arguments I’ve had with liberal Democrap’s, or more properly, socialist democrat’s, they’re quick to point out the “Well Regulated” portion of the 2nd Amendment OR some will stop at the “Security of a Free State” portion of the 2nd ADM, but then no more. They argue for the well regulated portion to be enforced or that the security of a free state applies to the National Guard, not to “yahoos with beer and rebel flags on their trucks” who want to own firearms. These people have no wisdom and are devoid of the real facts as they are. Even when I point out the obvious and that there is really no room for debate on the 2nd Amendment, these folks still ignore it and say that it is up for debate, etc. No amount of education will fix this. They’re a lost cause and sadly I must say, these citizens will be against us in the war when we reach armed conflict. I will gladly defend liberty from tyranny, whether it’s from government/it’s forces and or other citizens who may even be my neighbors. These people are dangerous to the Republic of America and one day, we must as a solid people who love our country do something about these citizens after we’ve tossed out the main portion of the garbage and restored Constitutional government.

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