DHS Training Guidelines: Use Americans For Training Targets, Not Islamic Terrorists!


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is using the American militia movement as the target of their treats in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Programs (HSEEP). The HSEEP program is designed to play a role in national preparedness by enabling whole community stakeholders to “test and validate plans and capabilities,” and identify both capability gaps and areas for improvement. The video below is one such example of how they test their responses.

DHS uses lawful citizens activities to test the effectiveness of their federal militarization program. Of the 18 videos listed in HSEEP Volume IV (training material section), there are not video simulations of Islamic Terrorist-based activities. DHS appears only to be preparing federal law enforcement officials for activities that engage US citizens.


Congress has asked the DHS on several occasions to explain the size, nature, and extent of the threats that is 2012-2013 militarization program is design to defeat. DHS has yet to comply, leaving unanswered why 1.6 B rounds of ammo is needed and why targets of pregnant women, elderly, and children are used for firearm target practices. HSEEP is begin to expose their strategy through the vivid details of their training videos, pictures, and documents.


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