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The Progressive Left is deceiving the nation when it makes the claim that their gun control agenda is to only meant to curb gun violence. The anti-gun control movement is has been promoting their story line for decades in the United States and one such measure can be quantitatively made by looking into data contained in our books.

The graph below show the percentage of times the words gun control (blue), gun violence (red), and second amendment appear in books published in English (data is only available up to 2008). From a statistical basis, the count of each phase (Ngram) is normalized by dividing by the total count of the term “the.” This is a common technique used adjust counts for the increase in number of books published. For comparison, the national discussion on the second amendment (orange), has remained fairly steady from 1990 through 2008.

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The data shows that a national dialogue on Gun Violence started in 1990, just after the Ronald Regan finished his second term. In contrast, the Gun Control dialogue started much early, three decades to be precise, in 1962, during the resurgence of Liberalism. The September 11, 2001, terrorist attack had the most dramatic impact on curtailing the anti-gun propaganda, but had very little impact on gun violence. The Ronald Regan presidency appears to have also had an impact on the overall growth of the anti-gun movement as well.

The Progressive Left hides in the shadows of society, they are cloaked in the laziness most American have when it come to research and learning. Any thing past 3 months is accent history for most, so relativism and incrementalism is a key strategy for left wing radicals. But data is timeless and quite interesting, especially when it deals with historically significant issues, like gun control. While our body ages and withers away, data and the knowledge it contains persists forever – just waiting to be rediscovered. 


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