Mr. Obama, in your recent Colorado speech, you stated that we should reject the voices that warn of big government and tyranny.” Really? We now know that the most intrusive branch of government, Internal Revenue Service, targeted anti-Obama and anti-big government movements. This is the definition of TYRANNY, but it is even worse.

IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerne, the Internal Revenue Service official responsible for tax-exempt organizations, was briefed in 2011 that her unit was targeting Tea Party groups for additional scrutiny, according to a draft timeline of events compiled by the agency’s inspector general.

In an April 2012 letter to the House Oversight Committee, Lerner said the IRS’s questions to Tea Party groups were “in the ordinary course of the application process.┬áTea Party groups said the government’s activities were “criminal.” Mr. President, it turns out the Tea Party was right.

“The IRS lied. They lied before Congress in 2011 and they lied again yesterday. We must know how many more lies they have been telling and how high up the chain the cover-up goes,” said Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, in a statement.

The tragedy of this situation is that nobody, nobody, was fired. This means that the government is actively “oppressing the citizens by rule or policy.” This is the definition of TYRANNY. You now put us in a terrible situation – accept your tyranny or use our constitutional rights to defend ourselves against you.

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