Students are tearing down the American flags as they protest against “gun violence.” Did you see this on CNN, NBC, or ABC? I won’t even ask about MSNBC. Of course not. The better question is why? Why didn’t the leftist media show this? Take that as a homework assignment. You get extra credit if the answer is “obvious.”

The sad part of this video is that high school students have no understanding of what America is and why we are here. They do not understand what freedom looks like. They certainly do not understand what we would look like without it. They have been sheltered by the educational system for most of their life. This is by design.

Leftist are in a self preservation mode, which is dangerous for us. Self preservation is different than self defense. Both are visceral traits we are born with. Self defense is based on a reaction to something. You react with force to defend yourself. It’s natural, instinctual. For example, the republican respond defensively when the democrats accuse them of hating “undocumented immigrants.”

Self preservation is very different. Reaction is slower and alway fall prey to action. Self preservation is about doing whatever is necessary to continue life and prolong it. It entails actions and occasionally requires ones that are preemptive and often violent. It can be brutal. Self preservation can be nasty stuff.

In this self preservation mode, Leftist use students as a human shield in their ongoing war against America. They can’t win any other way. They can not win on the basis of a better argument or outcome. They can’t win through rational thought or evidence-based reasoning. So in this self preservation mode, our kids have been weaponized.

Nothing we do, no place we go is off limits to this self preservation mode of Leftist. Our schools are now the latest example. Leftist are deadly in this phase of their life cycle. To you, to me, ours kids, and America. Leftist must go.

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