The Progress Left needs to be Abolished for Subversive Acts Against America. What, you say. One what grounds would I make this statement, you ask. Let’s take an evidence-based closer look. Shall we?

This week the Left is circulating this video as an example of how Trump is arresting hard working “undocumented worker” off our streets. In this video, ICE is “out of control” arresting a poor mom in front of her daughter. Watch the video. Take a look.

Here is the problem. Leftist aren’t telling you the true… the whole truth about her. Yes, she is illegal (aka undocumented). Yes, she is a mom (the daughter says so). Yes, that was her daughter (others report this). But Perla Morales-Luna (aka the mom) was identified as an organizer for a “transnational criminal smuggling organization” operating in East County, San Diego, CA. She is a Human Trafficker. Side bar – is this one of those jobs American don’t want to do. We should check it out. A study, as the left says.

You can make this stuff up. As a writer of fiction, I could never imagine a story plot like this. But facts are really stranger than fiction. But I digress… back to the left.

They show the video. Then they fain moral outrage. They demand no boarder walls. They want ICE to be abolished. They declare cities and states havens for MS-13 gangs, Drug Traffickers, and now Human Traffickers (aka undocumented people). But at no point do they ever ever tell you the whole truth. They are subversive. Look up the word.

The leftist progressive will lie and cheat their way to implement their anti-American agenda. How the leftist used this video to promote the destructive cause is just the latest example. They need to be abolished.

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