Open carry is a sensitive issue. While it is lawful in many states, it also raises concerns in local citizens because the are often unaware of the laws. Some argue about its effectiveness, given the bad guys know you are armed. In many cases, lawful open carrying results in stressful standoffs between citizens and police. For example, under Texas law, gun owners are legally allowed to open carry handguns with a valid license to carry. It is legal, however, for gun owners to legally open carry shotguns and rifles without a license.

This is one of those stressful incidences when a handful of other open carry advocates held a demonstration in Olmos Park, TX, to show their support for the Second Amendment:

Following the encounter with law enforcement, a local open carry advocate posted this on the scene report, highlighting the outcome of the incident:

According to Bexar County records, several members of the protest were charged with a number of things including assault of a peace officer (second-degree felony); interfering with the duties of a public servant (Class B misdemeanor); obstruction of a passageway (Class B misdemeanor); and resisting arrest (Class A misdemeanor).

What do you think about open carry, beyond practicing our second amendment rights? How do we avoid stressful situations like these, both between uneducated citizens and law enforcement? Let us know.

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