A war is coming to Pennsylvania. It is on their doorstep and was started by a handful of democratic senators in Harrisburg, PA. Their political canon fired the first shot, one that was loaded with Senate Bill 17 of 2018. A bill that in no uncertain terms is designed to criminalize gun ownership across the state. One that will result turning law abiding citizens into common everyday criminals.


Bill 17 outlaws various classes of rifles and shotguns. It outlaws magazines and attachments. It outlaw things that are black and look scary. It criminalizes the legal ownership of firearms that have been lawfully possessed and used by millions of Americans. It criminalizes legal behavior not based on scientific principles, but on a progressive political dogma designed to enlarge a democratic plantation of dependancy.

his bill should be opposed not because it does not solve gun violence or because it infringes on our second amendment rights. These are obvious. It should be opposed because its premise is based on making you and me more dependent on them. The less we can protect ourselves, the more we will turn to the government for our needs. Their dependency plantation grows at the expense of our freedom to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We become more enslaved.

i-will-not-stay-on-the-democratic-plantation-im-voting-for-freedom-not-welfareBut stopping this bill should no longer be the singular goal. In a state “led” by republicans and conservatives, one would expect this bill not to see the proverbial “light of day.” In theory, there should be no chance that it even gets a vote. It should die in committee. But more needs to be done now, because the left has made this a national war and Pennsylvania is a battle front. It is not enough just to kill this bill in committee, the democrats need to know that there is a line in our constitutional sand that will not be crossed or even approached. A moral line worth fighting for.

Money will flow into Pennsylvania to support their efforts. The national progressive movement will open up the funding tap and let it poor into our state. Organizations are going to coordinate in our state capital to support this bill. The left will lie about the facts. Distort the truth. They will march our children up and down Harrisburg streets calling lawful gun owners baby killers. They will have our faces on anti-NRA posters saying we are more for weapons of death than the safety of our kids. We saw this recently in Florida and California. It is just around our corner. You can hear it. It is coming. You know it… I know it.

Wariscoming-700x352A war is coming. It is inevitable. So, the question of our time is, what are we going to do about this? How do we plan on getting ahead of their PR curve before the progressives push lawful citizens into the corner of political shame? The state’s republicans party is known for their lack of a backbone when it comes to fighting for these kinds of causes. They let the leftist progressives walk all over the truth, our way of life, and the constitution. They let them box rational thought into an emotional corner because they are afraid to fight, afraid to be aggressive, or afraid to be called “bad names.” There has to be logic line that we will not cross. One that we will fight for. One that we will “man up for.” My question for you is, “Is this that line?”

PA Senate Bill 17 of 2018

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