Every year, there are over 2,000 instances where people protect themselves defensively with a firearm. There are hundreds of instances where people use guns to save their lives, the lives of their loved ones and friends, and even strangers. But rarely are so clearly displayed on video for everybody to see, analyze, and learn from. This video  shows one such instance.

A group of parents and their children are standing at an intersection of a busy street (right side of screen). One mom has her arm around a child that appears to be hers. The other people are looking around, some gazing across the street. Suddenly, a man emerges from the left side of the camera and pull out a gun. You can almost hear their screams, the children crying, even though there is no audio.

Terrified, all scatter but one that stood her ground. Within moments, she pulls out her own pistol and shoots the man in the chest. The bad guy falls to the ground and later dies. The act of one brave woman, armed with a gun, willing to take a stand, saved the lives of so many people.

This simple example serves to remind us why we have a second amendment in the United States. It reminds us why we are the first responders in situations where bad people are trying to inflict their will on us. Bad people come with many instruments of harm – hands, bats, knives, cars, guns, and countless other tools. These kind of people will find a way to hurt others, no matter what. But they can be stopped. All it takes is one person with a gun willing to be that citizen first responder.

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