Know The Law

Progressives – We Will Rewrite The Second Amendment

Judge Stevens’ argument voiced int the Washington Post article “The five extra words that can fix the Second Amendment” is not new, nor even novel. Many progressives, like him on this position, would love to re-write a lot of constitutional… Read More ›


Second Amendment Atrophy: Use It Or Loose It [VIDEO]!

This is one of those tough articles to write, because it deals with interacting with law enforcement. As I have stated before, I truly admire the police and respect the work they do in protecting our community. This article is… Read More ›


Know The Law: Americans Can Have The Same Firearms As The National Guard!

In order to win the war on guns, the Progressive Left and Democrats are counting on our ignorance of not only the Constitution, but recent case law that supports the Second Amendment. The government school systems, over the last 30… Read More ›