Police Militerization

DHS Training Guidelines: Use Americans For Training Targets, Not Islamic Terrorists!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is using the American militia movement as the target of their treats in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Programs (HSEEP). The HSEEP program is designed to play a role in national preparedness by… Read More ›


Second Amendment in Crisis: Police Rip People From Homes

When a meaningful outcome is achieved through a bad or unlawful activity, does that make it good or bad? For example, if the police break the law in order to find and kill terrorists, does that make their enforcement activity… Read More ›


Police Militarization: Is It A Reason For The Second Amendment?

The militarization of our local protect-and-serve based law enforcement officials is well underway. More and more community based police offices are actively wearing green camouflage fatigues in public, wielding AR-15s walking down the street, driving up-armered assault vehicles and tanks… Read More ›