Eight Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America

Warning: This article is based on rational, evidence-based analyses. The progressive left is advice to go back to MSNBC… something about Trump and Russia. Here are eight “stubborn facts” to keep in mind about gun violence in America: 1. Violent… Read More ›


Gun Control Related Data: The Science Behind The Statistics

The progressive left continues its war on our second amendment rights with pseudo science and lies. To actively defend yourself, and help others around you as well, we truly need to understand the science behind the statistics we often site… Read More ›


The Second Amendment Network Effect: Conceal and Carry’s Impact on Crime

When one in ten people conceal and carry a firearm, they significantly reduce violent crimes experienced by the other nine in ten. There is no other program (federal, state, or local) that has scientifically demonstrated such on impact, with or… Read More ›